Free yourself From Pain


Solo Mount fixes the main problem with your massage gun; it allows you to use it easily on your back and shoulders, without straining or awkwardly reaching, without asking someone to help. It allows you to address the pain in your back, hands free.   


Flexes to address your unique pain 

Hot or cold therapy 

Targeted acupressure  

Endlessly adjustable 

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Combining hot and cold therapy with compression and targeted acupressure, Ice Winder is designed to adapt to any body, any pain. Need more compression in one spot? Less in another? Want to address a larger area or precisely target a specific pain? Ice Winder adjusts, adapts, and flexes...all to keep you flexible. 


Pressure Point Therapy 

Specially designed beads push deep into the muscle to relieve intense pain. 

Compression Wraps 

Unique wraps allow you to apply the level of pressure you need. 

Removable Gel and Beads 

Get as little or as much heat, cold, or acupressure relief as you want, where you want. 

Low-Profile Closures 

Low-profile hook and loop keeps things in place comfortably and easily 


"It really helped my tennis elbow. I could tighten it and get pressure right where I hurt and cold at the same time."


"I have bad knees and love using this after I work out. It slides on easy and is flexible enough that I can still move and walk while wearing it. The bead compression points are good to be able to use or not depending on what you want."

Adam #2

"The best thing is that it can be hot or cold, tight or not. Sometimes I need more intense compression and sometimes I want less. It’s nice to be able to easily switch back and forth."

Adam #3